What’s the latest dish?

Locally grown and seasonality are still in the spotlight

  • The movement toward using local ingredients remains prominent as restaurants incorporate more traditional, authentic and globally inspired dishes.
  • "Local" as an ingredient marketing claim has grown and is expected to increase.
  • Seasonal ingredients and menu items communicate freshness, local interest and celebrate the growing harvest season.

Breakfast continues to shine, all the time

  • Many restaurant chains are expanding into the a.m. daypart or revamping their morning menus. 
  • Fresh fruit is becoming a more popular breakfast item, falling more in line with the focus on health.
  • Some operators are beginning to serve breakfast all day as the popularity for this morning meal continues.

Health and Nutrition are here to stay

  • Consumers are still planning to eat more healthfully in the upcoming year, although reductions in added sugar, sodium, and fat in foods may impact taste perceptions.
  • Restaurants have continued to increase healthy item claims and many are taking steps towards “better for you” (BFY) menu items.
  • Specialized menus, sections or icons on Gluten Free, Lower Sodium and Diabetic-friendly dishes continue to pop up, while “right-size” portion positioning is evident on menus.

Government and Economy -  continuous progress

  • Transparency still taking shape.
  • Product sourcing, ingredients and nutrition information is being shared with consumers up front rather than in response to demand.
  • Sustainability remains important for all aspects of the industry.

Media & Mobile abuzz

  • Social media will be key to reaching health professionals and key food and beverage influencers.
  • Mobile applications, such as iPad menus, will allow restaurants to reach a younger, on-the-go consumer.
  • Restaurants will continue providing discounts via couponing and social media sites.