Do you love a challenge? Try the Florida Department of Citrus' "Straws" game which launched on The Game Show Network in the fall of 2009. More than 2.5 million people played "Straws" in the first three months making it "the most successful partner game ever" according to 

Straws: Build a silly straw and fill your glass in this juiced-up puzzler! Remember...playing does a body good, and victory never tasted so sweet!  Play Now

Now you can even download and play "Straws" on your iPhone! Click here to download the application. (Note: Please download free iTunes on your computer first to access the smartphone version of the Straws game.)

The Challenge: There's no need to stay home to watch our favorite television shows. Instead, join the growing ranks of viewers who watch programs at their convenience from a computer or hand-held device. The Florida Department of Citrus delivers health and wellness messages for on-demand viewers through our Primetime sponsorship. You can play a game before your program begins, then enjoy animated segments during the breaks. Play Now

Hangman: Play Now

Action Figures: Play Now

Recipes: Play Now

Morning Invaders: Getting out the door in the morning is always challenging. But starting your day with pure Florida Orange Juice makes overcoming some of those obstacles just a little easier. The objective here is to keep your energy level up and advance to the next level by "drinking" as many glasses as possible. Play Now 

Pour Simulator 3000: One 8 ounce glass of pure Florida Orange Juice is a significant source of some of the vitamins and nutrients you need every day, like vitamin C, thiamin, potassium and more. Using your right and left arrow keys, capture as much liquid gold as possible in your glass in as little time as possible. Capture anything else and it depletes your glass. Play Now 

Refrigerator Facts: Every time you open the refrigerator door, you can make a decision for good taste or good health. Fortunately, Florida Orange Juice is the obvious choice for both. Play Now

Pure & Simple Quiz: No matter the question, Florida Orange Juice is always the right answer (Hint, Hint). Take this quiz and test your OJ intelligence. Play Now

Florida Orange Juice Piñata Party: "Swing" your bat by clicking and dragging your mouse. Hit the piñata hard enough and fast enough to break it open.  Play Now

Know Your OJ: New studies are being published all the time aobut the health benefits of orange juice. So while you're waiting for your show to start, take 30 seconds to get OJ smart. Get up to speed on the latest news with our brief True/False Quiz. Play Now

The Nutritionator: A challege of dexterity and quickness in which you must catch the nutrient-packed Florida Orange Juice to power up and win. But avoid everything else - it will sap your energy and take away your OJ nutrient power. Play Now

OJ Party Pod: It's a nutrient party in every glass. There's a who's who of nutrients in every glass, so come on in and meet the guests! Play Now