There are many reasons why 100 percent orange juice and fresh Florida citrus fit perfectly into any restaurant menu.

Good nutrition in a glass

Just one 8-ounce glass of 100 percent Florida orange juice counts as almost 25 percent of the USDA-recommended daily fruit and vegetable servings based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

Seasonality is a menu staple

Florida growers produce oranges, grapefruit and specialty fruit, including Temple oranges, tangerines and tangelos.  The fresh citrus season typically runs from September through June, depending on weather.  For more information about when your favorite variety is available to incorporate into your menus, click here.

Versatility at its finest

Florida orange juice packs a punch when it comes to infusing excitement into a menu. From tantalizing tapas to expertly flavored entrées to perfectly handcrafted mocktails and cocktails, Florida orange juice and fresh citrus fruit will inspire menu magnificence and arouse the senses. To discover citrus-infused culinary creations, click here.

A nutrition standout

Florida orange juice has more nutrients per calorie than many commonly consumed 100 percent fruit juices and more vitamin C per ounce than unfortified apple, grape, pineapple or prune juices.1

“All Natural” is on trend

Your customers will thank you for serving them 100 percent pure Florida orange juice, without sacrificing taste or quality.

Added value

Florida orange juice is a premium product than can command a premium price and higher return on investment for your operation.


To learn more about the Health & Nutrition of Florida citrus, click here.

1 Rampersaud GC. A comparison of nutrient density scores for 100 percent fruit juices. J Food Sci. 2007;72:S261-S266.